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Bellatrix Black Lestrange
27 December
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Bellatrix Black Lestrange
Means "female warrior" in Latin. This is the name of the star that marks the left shoulder of the constellation Orion.

Born in 1951 to Cygnus and Druella Black.

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toujours pur : always pure

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Name: Bellatrix Black Lestrange
PB: Juliet Landau
Nicknames: "Bella", but only by those who she lets.
Former House: Slytherin
Birth date: December 27, 1951
Bloodline: Pureblood
Wand: Sphinx Tail Hair; Magnolia; 20 cms; Firm and unbending
Wand Hand: Right
Status: Married

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Family includes her two younger sisters, Andromeda and Narcissa.
First cousin to Sirius Black, who she murdered, and an aunt to Nymphadora Tonks and Draco Malfoy.

She is married to Rodolphus Lestrange, and has been since graduating Hogwarts as a proud Slytherin. It was an arranged marriage, however. Rodolphus, although being evil to the core, is a bit less outspoken. She grows tired of him, for he follows what she says, and even if she enjoys being a leader, he is quite boring for her. Bellatix does not take him for granted, for he is a keen and worthy follower, and is hopelessly in love with her. But her time in Azkaban made her realize that he is nothing more than a tool for her. And she does not care for him the way a wife should to a husband.

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Member of the Ancient and most Noble house of black, she believes that all blood-traitors and those with unclean blood must be murdered. Pure-blood families are superior, and should be treated as such. Because of this, she loathes her deceased cousin Sirius, and her younger sister Andromeda for marrying the muggle, Ted Tonks.

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A very tall and thin woman, standing at 5'10, with long black hair. She has always been beautiful, along with her sisters, due to her Black heritage. But unlike her sisters, Bella has a dark and mysterious beauty, one that intruiges and frightens those who look upon her.

Bellatrix was imprisoned in Azkaban for 14 long years, after torturing Frank and Alice Longbottom to insanity.

"The Dark Lord will rise again, Crouch! Throw us into Azkaban; we will wait! He will rise again and will come for us, he will reward us beyond any of his other supporters! We alone were faithful! We alone tried to find him!"

The Lord Voldemort, indeed, did believe that she was one of his most faithful and trusted followers, and calls her by a pet name... "Bella".

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After being in Azkaban for so long, however, her mental stability isn't all quite there. She talks in a mocking baby voice, at times, to enemies and friends alike. Her physical self is now less of the dark beauty she once was, being thinner and gaunt, and tired looking. But her dark and heavy eyes tend to entrance those who look into them.

Bellatrix Lestrange tends to obsess over her Dark Lord. She believes that she is his most trusted follower, and would do anything to further help his advancements in the war. This intense loyalty, however, makes her a bit paranoid. She will destroy all that she believes is in her way, even if it's the wrong person.

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Bellatrix is quite a cold woman, who will use one of the deadly curses without a moment’s hesitation. Only when some one dares to defy the Dark Lord in her presence would the ice lady melt away. Her voice gets shrill and she shrieks and shakes with rage. Her eyes flash hot and her face gets twisted up. Very few people have seen this transformation and live to tell the tale.

Bellatrix is a self confessed sadist. She takes pleasure in torturing anyone who displeases her. Her bloodlust was quiet and subdued through her years at Hogwarts but once entering the Death Eaters it was like a door was unlocked in her mind.

An exellent dueler and combatist, Bellatrix is a more than worthy match in a fight. She is a proud Occlumens, being able to protect her mind from those trying to enter it. She knows something of legillmency as well, prying into other people's minds.